The Origins of the Smartphone

“The best camera is the one you have with you” is one of the most used quotes on smartphone photography thanks to Chase Jarvis!

That was definitely not the case a few years ago.  Smartphone photography has jumped leaps and bounds to make that quote a cliché in today’s world.  Everyone wants everything instantly.  Instant satisfaction by posting a #foodgram or a holiday snap on Instagram, informing 1000 of your closest friends on Facebook that you are off to the Canaries for your holidays!  No surprises when we say that 400 million people are active every day on Instagram.  

Origins – The evolution from calls and texts to having your entire life on a tiny handheld device

Smartphones are getting better and fancier by the day along with the quality of the camera that comes with.  Gone are the days of our tiny little blokia that would last days, even weeks on one charge.  Not only that but the very first camera offering up extremely grainy, terrible quality photographs where it was sometimes difficult to tell the difference between your cat and your best friend!

Luckily enough for everyone times have changed and we can see exactly how fresh that rocket in your salad was!  Smartphones became a thing once the iPhone was released boasting a camera with 2 million pixels!  Apple does their best to stay on top of the game with the majority of their annual talks being spent on the upgrades of the new iPhone’s camera quality!  All other android makers are coming in and closing the gap, notably with the new Google Pixel 2 phone which some are saying has an even better camera (our apologies to the die-hard iPhone users out there, don’t shoot the messenger!)

However there are a few limitations

No matter how good a smartphone’s camera is, there will always be a few limitations compared a lovely clunky DSLR.  It is only fair though, considering you can’t carry a DSLR in your back pocket!  

Working as your go to for music, photos, editing photos, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kindle and all the rest along with the usual phone calls and texts can really tire the poor thing out!  With that being said, humans are getting smarter and smarter and inventing things like external batteries.  A little pat on the back to us!

With regards to you camera, Pixter has come up with super easy clip-on lenses to use with all the smartphones!  They are much more affordable than a huge DSLR and gives everyone the opportunity to be a photographer!  Sure if it’s good enough for ELLE Australia to shoot on their iPhone for the cover then it is good enough for the rest of us right?!