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Vous partez en vacances, en week-end ou tout simplement vous souhaitez monter une vidéo pour vos réseaux sociaux, envoyez vos rush à production@pixter.fr nous montons votre vidéo gratuitement.

The advice moment

Some tips for having a great video!

In order to take your shots in the best possible way, be sure to respect the following points:

  • Think about the narration of your video. What do you want to tell through your images?
  • Don't film everything you see. Select the best moments and most interesting scenes for your video. Less is more!
  • Pay attention to the light. Film in good light, especially during daylight hours.
  • Don't forget to shoot wide shots that show the landscapes and places you visit, as well as close shots of interesting details.
  • Take original and creative shots. Use unexpected angles or film using camera movements to add dynamics to your video.