Insider Tips on Cardiff with Craig & Aimee

Craig and Aimee from Kinging It managed to get in a few hours of sunshine in their normally rainy capital, Cardiff in Wales. This week they are giving you their insider tips on what to get up to if you have a couple of days to spare in this beautiful city. Mind you, you might want to bring an umbrella just in case!

We had a really good spell of weather in Cardiff so we decided to head out for some adventures in the city.

The first place we always think of going when the sun is shining bright like a diamond is Roath Park.

It has a giant lake with a little lighthouse/clock thing in the middle, tons of swans and geese and in the autumn the colours look bloody beautiful!

When we walked around we remembered you can hire little rowing boats and go for a paddle around the lake. Once we got the technique down we were flying about, arguing with the swans, trying not to fall in and catching sum autumn rays.

  Aimee came dressed as the local Russian and just had a wicked time on the water.

As we got off the boat the weather turned and the rain showed up to ruin our adventure.


The next day the sun came back and pt. 2 was on! We headed to Cardiff city centre which is one of the coolest cities in the UK; heaps of coffee shops and cafes, cute little arcades with independent shops and endless photo ops.

The main attraction in the city is Cardiff Castle. That’s right, a castle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. Who even has that?!


We explored the castle grounds, the art galleries and super cool eccentric rooms whilst Aimee planned our future home, then we climbed to the top of castle for the best view of the whole city.


When we were all castled out we went for a walk around the park and gardens right next to the castle, all the autumn leaves were chilling on the grass and the scenes were just top notch.

After all the walking and frolicking we headed to the arcades in search of coffee, and yeah, we found it!

The arcades are weaved through the corridors of the city and there are five in total.

They’ve got everything from tea shops, violin repairs (essential), fancy dress shops, cheese making shops and proper posh suit tailoring shops. Shops for days boys.


After the coffee and shopping we went for a walk down one of the main streets, St. Mary’s street. Lined with our beautiful Welsh flag, the odd nutter asking for a cigarette and a few great buskers this street has a lot of character.

If you walk far enough you’ll eventually come to the Millennium Stadium, another brilliant addition to the city where you will hear our spine tingling national anthem belt out at rugby internationals- an absolute must do if you ever visit Cardiff!