Are Pixter Pro-2 lenses compatible with iPhone 14?

Les objectifs Pro-2 de Pixter sont-ils compatibles avec l'iPhone 14

Is the Pro-2 Pack compatible with the iPhone 14?

The Pro-2 Pack, like all Pixter lenses, is compatible with the iPhone 14 but also any type of smartphone. With Apple smartphones, the lenses can be screwed directly onto the cases we sell. For smartphones from other brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Google, etc. the lenses are adjustable using the universal clip provided with the purchase of a Pixter lens. In this case you can also use the lenses on your rear and front camera. The clip also allows you to clip it to your computer or tablet with almost no effort!

Our desire is to be able to increase the photographic capabilities of any phone, from the oldest to the most recent, regardless of the brand of smartphone you own.

Is the iPhone 14 better than Pixter's Pro-2 line?

No ! Let me explain.

The iPhone 14 is a smartphone that has very good photo and video characteristics. However, the quality of the lenses in the Pixter Pro-2 range will allow you to go even further and considerably increase the capabilities of your iPhone.

pixter smartphone lens

One of the first advantages of Pro-2 lenses is that they can be screwed onto the main sensor of your smartphone. It is the latter which has the best performance and which allows you to obtain superb photos with your iPhone 14. That is to say, the camera when you are in x1 on your screen. When you want to use the wide angle of your iPhone you will click on x0.5. And that's when you lose all the features of your main sensor. Take the test, you will see that by using the wide angle of your iPhone 14, your phone will automatically change cameras. A camera with less interesting performance. The Wide Angle Pro-2 lens from Pixter (like the others) will screw directly onto the main sensor of your iPhone 14, the one which has the best performance in low light, with the best resolution, the best size and therefore of the best photographic performances. You will therefore keep all the capabilities of your iPhone's x1 camera with the quality of the Wide Angle Pro-2, Macro Pro-2, Super Fisheye Pro-2 and Telephoto Pro-2 lenses.

But also all our lenses are compatible with all photo or video applications. You can therefore easily use your x1 camera with the lens you want to post your most beautiful photos on Instagram.

In addition, thanks to the universal clip, you will be able to use your Wide Angle or Super Fisheye directly from the front camera of your smartphone. And the iPhone 14 is not capable of doing that. The most beautiful selfies are yours.

Finally, the quality of the lenses in the Pro-2 range remains superior to what can be found on the latest smartphones. I'll explain it all to you just below.

What are the differences between the iPhone 14 and the Pro-2 lenses?

Now that you know that with your iPhone 14 it is possible to take even more beautiful photos, let me tell you how.

The Super Fisheye Pro-2 vs iPhone 14

To begin with, the Super Fisheye Pro-2 is a lens that you won't find on your iPhone (no matter the generations, it doesn't exist). Very rare, this lens does not cause any vignetting, so you will not have the magnifying effect on the edges of your image. This is the first smartphone lens that does not have a sticker! In addition, the Super Fisheye gives you 238° of angle, or 5x wider than what you already have on your smartphone.

Super Fisheye Pro-2 smartphone lens

The Wide Angle Pro-2 vs iPhone 14

The Wide Angle Pro-2 has long been a benchmark in wide-angle lenses for smartphones. The iPhone 14 has a wide angle that has nothing to do with this one. As I explained to you above, the Wide Angle Pro-2 allows you to have 110° vision directly from the main sensor of your iPhone 14, and that 's pretty incredible . Besides that, it will bring you 2.65x more light into the sensor. You will therefore have much better image quality, especially in low light.

Wide angle Pro-2 smartphone lens

The Macro Pro-2 vs iPhone 14

The Macro Pro-2 is a very specific lens, because it will allow you to photograph infinitely small elements, and to see the smallest details that the eye cannot see. The Macro lens will give you a x10 zoom, which allows you to observe insects, flowers, and all the macroscopic world around us up close. Nothing to do with the macro lens you find on your iPhone.

Macro Pro-2 smartphone lens

The Telephoto Pro-2 vs iPhone 14

Finally, to finish, the Telephoto Pro-2 lens. It's a x2 telephoto lens which is the equivalent of a 60mm, and which has nothing to do with the portrait mode of your iPhone. Indeed, when you take a portrait on your iPhone, your sensor will automatically create a blur behind your subject. Except that this blur is digital, that is to say that your camera will try to cut around each detail and it is never precise. There are always errors, especially around hair, etc. Unlike the Telephoto Pro-2, which will always use the main sensor of your smartphone (so no digital blur), but will add an optical blur, a blur real. Much more precise. When you put it on your smartphone you will get a real natural bokeh that approaches that of a real camera with a real lens on it but on your iPhone.

Telephoto Pro-2 smartphone lens

To conclude, the Pro-2 range from Pixter will bring you performance, precision, and comfort. Its carrying case is really practical for traveling with complete peace of mind. Also, you will see for yourself the pleasure of being able to carry professional equipment that fits in your pants pocket.

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