Why should I use lenses for my smartphone?

Pourquoi devrais-je utiliser des objectifs pour smartphone ?

In today's world, smartphones have become much more than just communication tools. They are now versatile tools that capture our most precious moments, connect us to the entire world, and boost our creativity. To make the most of this powerful technology, investing in smartphone lenses can be a wise decision.

Let's get straight to the point.

These lenses can allow you to take more creative photos, capture finer details, and achieve depth of field effects that are not possible with your smartphone's basic camera.

They are very practical for travel, hiking, and family outings, as they allow you to take quality photos without having to carry a bulky camera.

There is a wide range of smartphone lenses available on the market, suited to all needs and budgets.

The Pro-2 Pack, the perfect lenses for smartphones

Our Pro-2 range fits all types of smartphones, whether you have an iPhone, Google, Samsung, or Huawei (compatible with other brands), our lenses are easy to use and simply place over the main camera of your smartphone. The Pack is versatile with a focal range from 8mm to 60mm.

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Pro-2 PackPro-2 Pack
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Here are the advantages of our lenses compared to those of smartphones:

  • Telephoto: Smartphone lenses can offer an optical zoom, not digital like the one built into the smartphone, which allows you to take closer or further photos without loss of quality. This is the case with our Telephoto Pro-2 which allows for much more precise bokeh than that of the smartphone, especially around fine elements like hair or animals.
  • Wide-angle: Wide-angle lenses allow you to capture a wider view, ideal for landscapes and group photos. With a 110° opening, our Wide Angle Pro-2 offers you unique photos.
  • Macro: Macro lenses allow you to take photos at very short distances, ideal for photos of flowers, insects, and other small objects. The Macro Pro-2 lens offers a x10 magnification and will capture the infinitely small.
  • Super Fisheye: The Super Fisheye Pro-2 allows you to capture a panoramic view at 238 degrees, giving a unique and fun perspective to photos.

Moreover, the lenses on your smartphone automatically change when you use the camera. However, there is only one main camera on each smartphone. This camera is the one that presents the best optical performance.

With Pixter lenses, they are placed exclusively on this main camera, which means no loss of quality between lenses.

High-quality smartphone lenses can improve image quality by offering better resolution and color rendering thanks to the size of their sensors, which is much larger than that on your smartphone.

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