3 simple ways to have a cinematic rendering

Anamorphique Pixter

The visual effects of Hollywood films are more and more impressive, and would you like to have the same result just with your mobile? It's possible !

If you have a smartphone, it is very likely that you want to make videos with a cinematic rendering. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this, and we're going to show you three of them.

What is anamorphic?

Anamorphic allows you to shoot in ultra-wide 2.4:1 format and recreate a cinema effect with the presence of characteristic horizontal black bands. It not only allows more elements to be captured in width, but also gives depth to the image, for an immersive effect when viewing.

You can make your images or videos even more impressive by revealing flares , these light beams characteristic of cinema.

Objectif Anamorphique pour SmartphoneObjectif Anamorphique pour Smartphone
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How to use it to have a cinematic rendering?

To achieve a cinematic look, you need to use different settings and effects. Start by attaching the Pixter anamorphic the right way up. To know if the anamorphic is well placed, simply put it in front of a light. If the light beams are parallel to the ground then the lens is in place. Then adjust the focus to have a more pronounced bokeh.

You can also add additional lights to highlight certain elements of your image.

Indeed, this type of lens is specially designed for smartphones and allows you to obtain flares and a very realistic cinematic rendering. We recommend pairing the anamorphic lens with a tripod for greater stability.

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Use video editing software

Video editing software is a powerful tool that can help you create professional-looking, cinematic videos. They allow you to add special effects and music, cut and assemble video clips, and do many other things.

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