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Accessoires photo pour voyage

The best smartphone accessories for travel photography.

Travel photography is an exciting activity for both amateur and professional photographers. However, to make the most of your smartphone as a camera, it is necessary to use the right photographic ...

utilisation de la Light RGB de Pixter

Why use an RGB light for photo shoots?

If you're passionate about photography or a professional in e-commerce, you know how crucial the quality of lighting is to highlight your products. This is where Pixter's RGB Light comes in, an es...

Tipsphoto produits avec les objectifs pour smartphone Pixter

How to take product photos for your business?

Many people wonder how they can use their smartphone to produce professional-quality videos for their business with the rise of smartphones. The good news is that there are several lenses availabl...

Cadeau de Noël idéal chez Pixter

My ideal Christmas gift: The Pack Pro-2 from Pixter

When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gift, I often find myself searching for something special and practical. Last year, I discovered the ideal present for my loved ones and myself thro...

TipsLes objectifs Pixter et l'iPhone 15

The cameras of the iPhone 15 paired with Pixter lenses.

With the advent of the iPhone 15, Apple continues to raise the bar in mobile photography. But what happens when you pair this technological gem with Pixter lenses? Magic happens! In this article, ...

TipsLes avantages des objectifs Pixter

Why should I take my photos with a smartphone and not a DSLR?

The explosion of smartphones! Over the last few years, lenses integrated into smartphones have evolved in terms of optical quality and performance, offering higher resolutions as well as increas...

TipsRéaliser des photos portraits avec le Téléphoto Pro-2

How to take portraits with your smartphone?

Nowadays, smartphones have become our primary cameras. They are practical, light and always within reach. However, if you want to improve the quality of your portrait mode photos, you may need a s...

Tipsidée de cadeaux pour la fête des pères

The Pixter flexible tripod, the practical and creative gift for Father's Day!

Father's Day is coming soon and are you looking for an original and practical gift idea for your dad? The Pixter Flexible Tripod is the perfect choice for dads who are passionate about photography...


Tips for photographing with a smartphone macro lens

Macro photography is the art of capturing incredible details up close. Macro lenses for smartphones have grown in popularity in recent years, and Pixter is one of the most recognized manufacturers...