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Pourquoi devrais-je utiliser des objectifs pour smartphone ?

Why should I use lenses for my smartphone?

In today's world, smartphones have become much more than just communication tools. They are now versatile tools that capture our most precious moments, connect us to the entire world, and boost ou...

TipsLes accessoires photo pour smartphone en voyage

The best smartphone accessories for travel photography

Travel photography is an exciting activity for photography enthusiasts and professionals. However, to get the most out of your smartphone as a camera, it is necessary to use suitable photo acces...

TipsComment photographier les fleurs avec un objectif macro ?

How to shoot flowers with a macro lens?

Macrophotography offers a fascinating opportunity to explore the world of tiny details, and what better way to start than by capturing the splendor of flowers? With the Pixter Macro Pr...

TipsTout savoir sur les objectifs de longue focale !

Everything you need to know about long focal length lenses!

Smartphones have revolutionized photography, but even with their impressive capabilities, there are limits to what their built-in lenses can achieve, especially when it comes to long-distance phot...

TipsComment sont fabriqués nos objectifs pour smartphone ?

How are our smartphone lenses made?

The world of mobile photography is constantly evolving, offering us, enthusiasts, ever-greater possibilities and higher performance. At the heart of this revolution are our telephoto, macro, or fi...

TipsTout savoir sur le trépied photographique de chez Pixter

Everything you need to know about the Pixter Photo Tripod!

As a content creator for over a decade and a photography enthusiast, I've had the chance to test numerous accessories for smartphones and cameras. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Pixter...

Comment utiliser l'objectif Fisheye de chez Pixter ?

How to use the Super Fisheye Lens from Pixter?

Pixter's Fisheye Lens offers a unique perspective for your smartphone photos, capturing both creative and immersive images. In this article, we will explore the simple steps to get the most out of...

Comment utiliser un objectif téléphoto pour smartphone pour photographier des monuments ?

How to use a telephoto lens for a smartphone to photograph monuments?

Photography enthusiasts of urban scenes and architecture know how crucial it is to have the right equipment to capture every detail of the iconic monuments around them. In this article, we will ex...

TipsLes astuces pour photographier des l’iris des yeux objectif macro pour smartphone !

Les astuces pour photographier l’iris des yeux avec l'objectif macro pour smartphone !

La photographie macro nous permet d'explorer un univers infiniment petit, révélant des détails subtils qui échappent souvent à l'œil nu. Avec l'objectif Macro Pro-2 de Pixter, cette expérience visu...