How to use the Super Fisheye Lens from Pixter?

Comment utiliser l'objectif Fisheye de chez Pixter ?

Pixter's Fisheye Lens offers a unique perspective for your smartphone photos, capturing both creative and immersive images. In this article, we will explore the simple steps to get the most out of your Fisheye lens, focusing on the Super Fisheye Pro-2 model and its compatibility with all smartphones, including the highly anticipated iPhone15.

Universal Compatibility

One of the major advantages of Pixter lenses is their compatibility with all smartphones on the market. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, the Pixter Fisheye lens adapts perfectly to your device, thanks to the universal clip, ensuring a consistent and high-quality photographic experience.

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Easy Installation with Pixter Clip

Start by attaching the Fisheye lens to your smartphone's main sensor using the provided universal clip. Make sure the lens is aligned with your phone's camera for optimal results. With its intuitive design, installation takes just a few seconds. If you own a Pixter case, simply screw your lens onto the thread. This provides comfort, precision, and speed.

Exploring the Fisheye Effect

Once the lens is installed, it's time to explore the Fisheye effect. This curved effect creates circular and distorted images, ideal for adding an artistic dimension to your shots. Play with angles and composition to achieve unique results with each shot. Indeed, the Super Fisheye Pro-2 offers a 238° field of view and an 8mm focal length.

The smartphone lens allows capturing professional-quality photos with your smartphone. Play with light, textures, and subjects to create impressive images that stand out on social media and beyond.

Technical Features of Pixter's Super Fisheye Pro-2

The Fisheye lens is equipped with 6 lenses contained in 5 groups of high-quality glass, providing exceptional clarity and sharp image resolution. The optical construction ensures minimal distortion while maintaining the sharpness of details. To ensure optimal performance in various lighting conditions, the Fisheye lens features an anti-reflective coating. This reduces unwanted reflections and improves the overall quality of the image, even in bright sunlight or in high-contrast environments.

Constructed with durable materials, the lens is resistant to scratches and impacts, ensuring long-term durability. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, making this lens an ideal companion for photographic adventurers.

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