How to use a telephoto lens for a smartphone to photograph monuments?

Comment utiliser un objectif téléphoto pour smartphone pour photographier des monuments ?

Photography enthusiasts of urban scenes and architecture know how crucial it is to have the right equipment to capture every detail of the iconic monuments around them. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use a telephoto lens for smartphones, highlighting Pixter's Telephoto Pro-2 model.

Optical Zoom for Smartphones

The Telephoto Pro-2 lens is equipped with an advanced x2.65 optical zoom, offering a significant increase in the focal length of your smartphone. This allows users to bring distant subjects closer while maintaining exceptional sharpness and clarity. As you've guessed, the Telephoto Pro-2 offers optical rather than digital zoom like on smartphones. The bokeh is more precise and natural. Goodbye to the overly blurred background of your iPhone!

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The universal clip of the Telephoto Pro-2 lens ensures full compatibility with all smartphones on the market. Its handy clip makes installation easy, offering users maximum flexibility to capture memorable moments with their mobile phone.

The anti-reflective coating reduces unwanted reflections, thereby improving the overall image quality. This is particularly useful when photographing in bright sunlight or in the presence of reflective surfaces, providing professional results in all lighting conditions.

Architecture Photography and Basics of Urban Photography

When photographing monuments with a telephoto lens, precise focusing is crucial. Use your smartphone's auto-focus feature to ensure optimal sharpness on architectural details. Experiment with composition by carefully framing the monument to create aesthetically balanced images.

With a 60mm focal length and a weight of 57 grams, the Telephoto Pro-2 lens allows you to play with perspectives by capturing architectural details from unique angles. Explore different positions to find the view that best highlights the grandeur of the monument you are photographing.

Avoid excessive zoom that could compromise image quality. Use zoom strategically to bring the subject closer while maintaining clarity. This will allow you to capture detailed images without sacrificing sharpness.

Photo Tips

Photograph the monument from below by slightly tilting your device upwards. This can create a dynamic perspective and give an impression of grandeur.

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