Everything you want and should know about Instagram

Everything you need and should want to know on Instagram

This application created in 2010 and originally reserved for iPhone owners has taken off to become today one of the most used social networks by all smartphone owners! While knowing that Android users only had access to Instagram from June 2012. This is not a big surprise when we consider that 1 million accounts were created in the first month of existence of the application.

To date, 1 in 4 smartphone owners use Instagram. Even more incredible, 70% of these users consult Instagram absolutely every day. What did we do with all that time spent in transportation before Instagram?!

Did you know ? Facts and figures

  • 95 million photos and videos are exchanged every day

  • 32% of the Instagram community comes from the United States

  • 11 million likes : Beyoncé still holds the crown for the photo with the most likes ... She even has as many as twice the population of Ireland !

  • 133 million : This is the number of people ( followers ) who follow Selena Gomez

  • Users are filling Instagram with love with the most used emoticon: ❤️

Best practices for acquiring a few more followers 😉

We all know that's what brings you here... We're not promising anything but hopefully these few tips will give you a boost.

  • Make sure to add the location of where you took your photo.

Why will you tell us? Well, because many people are starting to use Instagram as much as TripAdvisor or Yelp to find a restaurant recommendation for example, especially since many people also want to get the perfect photo of their sushi donut or their rainbow bagel. -in sky !

By the way, this can help you find where you tasted the best burrata in Paris!

  • Let's go for Hashtags!

The more hashtags you put, the more likely you are to appear in users' search results. Don't skimp, because you can now subscribe to hashtags, it's more than an additional good reason!

We don't make any promises since 83% of images uploaded to Instagram have hashtags but it can't hurt!

  • Legend has it that Wednesday at 5 p.m. is the perfect time to upload your photos, but with changes in Instagram's algorithms, this trend is constantly changing.

Now you know everything you absolutely needed to know about Instagram! These numbers are constantly changing as are the few tips and clues available because Instagram wants all of its users to be on an equal footing. Keep your eyes open!

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