The Who, What, Where, When, Why of Wide Angle for smartphones

The Who, What, Where, Why & When of Wide Angle Photography

I can't really tell the difference between a normal photo and a photo taken with the Wide Angle lens, what's the difference?

The Wide Angle lens is used to enlarge the field of vision. This allows the photographer to capture many more elements in a photo. Please note, the idea is not to change or distort the photo as a Super Fisheye lens could do, for example. Also, this lens is not used to focus on a single point and create a background blur effect. For this, you should turn to the Telephoto Pro lens.

Now look at these photos side-by-side: They were both taken in the same location by our ambassador, but one of them was taken with the Pixter Pro Wide Angle Lens and the other without.

This is super cool, but why would I need to use this style of photo when I can just take a few steps back to get the same result?

Sometimes we have no choice! Sometimes we find ourselves very close to the subject to be photographed and, for some unknown reason, it is not possible to step back. This could be because of a wall or even a road preventing you from doing anything.

When will I need to use it?

If you want to take a selfie to prove that you are not just in your garden but in New York in the middle of Times Square, it's perfect! No more asking complete strangers to take that photo of you when you can do it yourself!

Another reason could be when you want to take a group photo in your living room. Just place your phone on one of our tripods and take the photo remotely using the included Bluetooth remote control!

Okay, you've convinced me. I think the Wide Angle lens could improve my photos. How to get this style of photos?

Nothing easier. Place the Wide Angle lens on the front or rear camera of your phone and admire the result!

Watch this video if you need a hand placing the lens correctly on your phone!

And There you go ! You have the Who, What, Where, When, Why of Wide Angle on your phone. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions and what objectives you would like to discover next time!

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