Walk in the forest with Perchek Industrie

Perchek Industrie's Stroll in the Forest

I decided to go out exploring right after there was a heavy rain. The forest I went to was still very overcast but it was possible to see the sun through some tree branches. The Macro Pro lens is one of my favorites but it can be difficult to use in these conditions, so I decided to also take my Telephoto with me just to be able to show how the forest was covered.

As fall arrived, it was amazing to see the contrast of colors on the leaves. My favorite thing about this season is hearing the sound of leaves that have escaped the rain crunching under my feet. It is a magnificent sight to see the trees still green in the middle of these leaves which litter the ground.

3C. Macro Pro + Samsung Galaxy S6 - walk in the forest - percherk.industrie
Macro Pro

I love daisies. They are very simple flowers and so precious at the same time, in the sense that they grow everywhere, all the time, except in Antarctica... Another interesting aspect is that it is possible to eat their white petals. I haven't tried it personally yet, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried it in a salad? Another new thing to try, but I don't know if I'm bold enough to do it!

Unfortunately, I'm not a botanist or a pro at recognizing flowers like these. But I know how to appreciate them when I look at them and the Macro Pro lens really helps bring out all their beauty. They are so small that you pass by without paying attention to these delicate flowers.

Sometimes the flowers are intertwined , especially when they are very small. But thanks to the Macro Pro, it's easier to capture all the pretty shades of white and pink. Usually, it's something I don't stop at during my walks, but I wanted to enjoy the tranquility of the place.

6A. Macro Pro + Samsung Galaxy S6 - walk in the forest - percherk.industrie
Macro Pro

Let's also talk about fresh rain on grass and flowers. In my opinion, something like a drop of water on a blade of grass or trickling down a dandelion leaf, shows us that the beauty of this world we live in can be as simple as that.

I also happened to come across magnificent colors, a bit like these pink flowers, with a cluster of violets and a few mushrooms. Between these mushrooms and the daisy petals, I could have made a good salad, but I didn't want to risk anything!

Eventually I came out from under the trees and found myself face to face with the bright sun, and quite high up considering it's autumn. But it was something very appreciable after my cool walk among the trees.

Then I crossed paths with a ladybug on an ear of wheat that was going up, up, up... But I don't think she was realizing that there was an end to her climb and that she was would have to come back down at some point.

I hope you enjoyed keeping me company on this adventure and that you saw that you don't have to go very far from home to discover interesting places!

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