3 tips for taking better photos

3 astuces pour prendre de meilleures photos

The photos you take with your cell phone are getting better and better, but they're not always as good as you'd like. Pixter Pro-2 lenses allow, among other things, to increase the quality of your photos.

Here are three tips to improve your photos with a smartphone!

Taking better photos: the guide to follow

You've probably heard the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words." This means that the photos you take are important because they tell a story and can convey emotion. The photos you take can also make the difference between a pleasant memory and an unforgettable one.

  1. Make sure the Pixter smartphone lens is properly placed on your main camera. We recommend first placing the clip without a lens on the camera and centering the camera and the clip. Then screw the Pixter lens onto your clip. If you benefit from the Pixter case, you will just need to screw the lens directly onto it.
  2. Take the time to frame your photo well. Make sure everything you want to include in your photo is present, and that there is nothing that will distract the photographer's attention.
  3. Play with light. Natural light is often best, but there are times when playing with shadows or highlights can give your photo a unique look.
  4. Let your imagination run free. The Super Fisheye allows you to take very creative photos thanks to its 238° angle.

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The retouching

A photo may sometimes require retouching. Too little exposure, or poor color perception can distort the reality of the moment.

There are many free apps available on iOS and Android that are sufficient to edit your photo.

Be careful not to overdo it! Change a few settings like the exposure rate for a photo that's too dark, or the saturation to brighten up the colors. Otherwise you can always use presets.

And don't forget, retouching your photos isn't lying!

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