The main reasons to get a smartphone lens.

les raisons pour s'offrir un objectif pour smartphone

Smartphones are now equipped with technology and features that can rival professional cameras, but they still have one big drawback: their lenses are built-in and impossible to change.

This is where smartphone lenses come into play, allowing you to significantly improve the quality of your photos.

Why have a smartphone lens?

We often hear that smartphone lenses are useless and that we don't need them. Still, having an external lens can allow you to take much higher quality photos and videos with your phone.

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing a lens for your smartphone:

• Most lenses attach easily to your phone, meaning you can add a full range of lenses to your device without having to invest in an expensive new camera. The Pro-2 lenses have enormous versatility, the Pro-2 Pack alone offers 4 lenses including a Super Fisheye, a Macro, a Wide Angle and a Telephoto.

• External lenses generally have better optical quality than lenses built into smartphones because their sensor area is much higher than that of smartphones. A larger sensor size means more light entering the lens and thus, higher quality output.

• Smartphone lenses offer much more powerful optical zoom than digital zoom, allowing you to take sharp photos and videos. This is the case with the Telephoto, it has a x2 zoom, but above all it offers an optical zoom which allows you to have a real natural bokeh. That of smartphones is sometimes too limited because it is conditioned by an algorithm. Thus, the detouring of the elements of your photo will be poorly done by the phone but not by the lens.

The main reasons to get a smartphone lens.

The different types of smartphone lenses.

Lenses can be used to improve the quality of photos taken with a smartphone, but they can also be used to capture images that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to obtain with a cell phone alone.

Wide-angle lenses are perfect for capturing panoramic images or landscapes, especially if you have limited space to capture your moment.

Sold out
Wide Angle Pro-2Wide Angle Pro-2
Sale price$88.00

Macro lenses are ideal for taking photos of very close subjects, such as flowers or insects, their x10 magnification allows them to capture the infinitely small.

Macro Pro-2Macro Pro-2
Sale price$66.00

There are also anamorphic lenses, which you can pair with a tripod to give your videos an epic look. This lens allows you to give a cinematic rendering to your images.

Objectif Anamorphique pour SmartphoneObjectif Anamorphique pour Smartphone
Sale price$110.00

While telephoto lenses can be used to take photos of subjects at a certain distance, such as wildlife or landmarks. Ideal for your portraits.

There are also fisheye lenses, which give a unique look to your photos. They have no vignetting and offer you a huge opening angle. You can see the fish-eye effect in the photos below.

Our Telephoto Pro-2 and Super Fisheye Pro-2 are only available in our Pro-2 Pack.

Pro-2 PackPro-2 Pack
Sale price$241.00

Pixter lenses are very popular as gifts for birthdays or Christmas, because they offer a wide price range and are suitable for all types of users, whether beginners or experienced!

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