The advantages of Pro-2 lenses compared to a smartphone

Les avantages des objectifs Pro-2 par rapport à un smartphone.

The diversification of these objectives

In recent years, smartphones have made a giant leap in terms of technological advances, but companies specializing in photography have done the same. Today the best phones offer a maximum of 3 types of lens. Pixter presents 4 of them in its latest Pro-2 Pack.

The focal field of the Pro-2 Pack is very wide, from 8mm to 60mm, compared to a phone which generally only offers a 28mm sensor.

Quality and sensor, a sine qua non condition?

The size of the sensor is the key to defining the quality of an image, the larger the sensor, the greater the quantity of light and therefore will offer a better rendering.

Nowadays, phones are driven by many image algorithms. Artificial intelligence is responsible for identifying certain areas to add a bokeh effect, micro zoom and other parameters. But we know that AI is not 100% accurate. We notice many errors in clipping made by smartphones on small details like hair.

Pixter Lenses are placed on the main camera of the smartphone, and for example the Telephoto Pro-2 allows you to have a clear and optical blur unlike the digital blurs generated by the AI ​​of smartphone sensors.

The depth of field and the bokeh effect are more accentuated thanks to the size of the sensor which is 5x larger than that of the smartphone and gives you better resolution and better sharpness.

Unique photos in every situation

From macro photography to portrait photos or Super Fisheye effects, the Pro 2 lenses offer options that smartphones are not capable of offering.

The versatility and choice of your lens are particularly useful for shots where the scenery can change (weather, light, etc.), as well as to give several effects to your photos (fisheye, macro).

At night, a complicated environment for smartphones

The main advantage of Pro-2 lenses over those of smartphones is that they have an ever larger sensor size than those you have on your phones. At this level, phone manufacturers are not ready to win, as they seek to minimize the size and weight of their product.

As you can see, the larger the sensor, the more light it can capture. However, at night, this characteristic is very important because the light is considerably reduced.

The night mode of smartphones is based on a secondary sensor, less precise and more disappointing in terms of image processing. The lenses of the Pro-2 Pack are placed on the main sensor of your phone, the one which has the best performance in low light.

This last point is also applicable for all applications that change camera from primary to secondary sensor. This is the case for many of them, like Instagram to name just one.


Despite advances in smartphone photography, there are aspects of lenses that can never be replicated. That's why the Pixter community remains strong and is the primary choice for amateur and professional photographers.

For those who want better optical performance and greater versatility, Pro-2 lenses will make all the difference.

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