How to find a good gift idea at Pixter?

Comment trouver une bonne idée de cadeau de Noël ?

Obviously, choosing a gift can be a real ordeal, especially during the holiday season when budgets, gift choices and delivery times can be tight.

You never know what to choose for your friends, your family or your partner, you don't have a gift list in mind? Pixter helps you find the ideal gift!

The world of photography brings together a community with very different tastes and passions. Each photographer, amateur or professional, uses photography with different means for different occasions. It all depends on your desires and habits.

Get started with photography with the Starter Pack: the ideal gift

When we launched Pixter in 2015, we strived to believe that everyone, no matter their skill level, could take beautiful photos. This is why we decided to match words with actions by launching the Starter Pack. As its name suggests, it allows you to learn photography on a smartphone. Thanks to the 3 lenses that make up this Pack, you can take your companion to take their most beautiful photos, as entertaining as they are magnificent. Introduce him to macro photography, for even more incredible photos. The world of the infinitely small, what you have never seen for yourself finally becomes visible. The Fisheye will allow him to develop his creativity. Attention original photos guaranteed! Finally, what's better than wide angle to go even further. Open the field of vision to capture even more details…

A complete pack for any photography enthusiast curious to discover new lenses. Equipment compatible with all smartphones and which allows you to discover a fascinating world.

Travelers, save space and quality: the adventure gift

You travel a lot ? Are you leaving soon for a road trip lasting several months?

It's not always easy to find the right photo equipment. And yet photos are also memories, so we have found a solution for you to leave with a lighter mind. The bag too... Every kilo is important when traveling, we know that... That's why we created the Pro-2 Traveler Pack . It consists of a Pro-2 Wide Angle Lens and a Pro-2 Flexible Tripod, which can be hung almost anywhere. Whether you go alone, with family or friends, the question “who takes the photo?” no longer arises. Because obviously the removable tripod is equipped with a remote control connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, a very good way to trigger your photos remotely...

If you like to make vlogs during your trip, to keep your community informed, the Wide Angle which attaches to your front camera will be a real asset. Framing will be even easier thanks to the 110° offered by our Wide Angle Pro-2 and our tripod that you can use as a selfie stick. Especially since today wide-angle sensors do not exist on the front cameras of our smartphones.

Coupled with our Tripod, our Traveler Pack can be the perfect gift for venturing into distant lands because it offers more comfort and better stability.

Netflix, Youtube, do you like making short films? Use the right material: the “real” gift

Do you know what an anamorphic lens is? If so, then you are at right place !

If you are adept at making films or music videos, you will be delighted to be able to make your next short film with your phone. The Filmmaker Pack , consisting of a Pro-2 Flexible Tripod and an anamorphic lens, offers unparalleled rendering on a smartphone. It allows you to create a cinematic effect in videos, enough to amaze your friends thanks to “flares”, these light beams that are very visible in the cinema.

If you are used to making short holiday videos, or simply short or feature films, the Filmmaker Pack is for you!

Professionals, the tailor-made gift

Are you a professional photographer? Or would you like to give a gift to a photo enthusiast? This Pack is by far the one he will prefer.

Made up of 4 lenses, tested in the laboratory, you will have all the comfort and quality necessary to take your photos. The Pro-2 Pack therefore offers a Super Fisheye Pro-2 lens, a Wide Angle Pro-2, a Telephoto Pro-2 and a Macro Pro-2, offering a focal range ranging from 8mm to 60mm, enough to compete with the DSLR.

Today, smartphones are improving in quality every year. We have therefore chosen to release a professional range allowing you to maintain the photo quality of your main sensor by adding our lenses. Because your iPhone probably has a wide-angle lens, but when you select this lens on your phone, the sensor automatically changes to a lower quality sensor. This is why Pixter lenses increase the quality of your photos because they are able to attach to the main lens of your smartphone , the one with the best resolution. If you want to improve quality with your smartphone without having to carry a whole bag of lenses, the Pro-2 Pack is an enthusiast's gift!

Pixter offers to increase the optical capabilities of your phones by combining quality, aesthetics and comfort. The ideal gift is not simply found, today, photography has become a means of expressing oneself and the world of photography allows you to create, have fun and never forget your memories.

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