Valentine's Day gift ideas

Idée de cadeau pour la saint valentin

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love through unique and meaningful gifts. If you are passionate about photography, why not give your partner a smartphone lens to strengthen your love and capture your life moments?

Pixter lenses are designed to dramatically improve the quality of your photos taken with your mobile phone. They allow you to capture finer details and richer colors, as well as enjoy a variety of focal lengths to meet all your shooting needs.

Gifts for all situations

Smartphone lenses also give you the ability to take more creative photos, like fisheye photos, macro photos, landscape photos, etc.

This allows you to capture unique moments and share them with your loved ones.

Pro-2 PackPro-2 Pack
Sale price$245.00

By using a Pixter smartphone lens, you can also avoid the distorting effects of your phone's lens, allowing you to take sharper, more precise photos. The Pro-2 range lenses are also very easy to install and use, they simply attach to your phone's camera using a clip or cover for greater comfort and precision.

Pixter® Case WoodPixter® Case Wood
Sale price$34.00

Finally, Pixter smartphone lenses are a great choice for people looking to improve their shooting, without having to invest in an expensive camera.

It's a great way to have fun with photography without breaking the bank.

Are you planning a trip soon?

Pixter offers its Traveler Pack with 20% reduction to allow you to create vlogs and keep your memories intact.

Travel Pack Pro-2Travel Pack Pro-2
Sale price$111.00

The same goes for the Macro Pack, which consists of a Macro lens, x10 magnification and a tripod to stabilize your photos. With this pack, the possibilities are endless.

Capture the infinitely small like insects, flowers or even the iris of your eyes!

Macro Pack Pro-2Macro Pack Pro-2
Sale price$100.00

Giving your partner a Pixter lens for Valentine's Day means giving them the opportunity to capture precious moments of your life together from a different perspective.

It's also an opportunity to spend time together exploring new places and taking photos. It can also strengthen your love of photography as a shared hobby.

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