Why do our smartphone lenses compete with a DSLR?

Pack Pro-2 Pixter rivalise avec un DSLR

Over the past few years, smartphone lenses have made advancements in optical quality and performance, offering better resolution and better low-light performance. The variety of smartphone lenses is also perplexing by offering very specific lenses.

So the question is whether the smartphone lenses included in the Pro-2 Pack compete with a traditional camera called DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex).

In the world of photography, the issue is complicated because smartphone lenses are increasingly emphasized as DSLR manufacturers struggle to make their products smaller and lighter, which is a constraint for an SLR digital. Even though it is now possible to manually adjust the various optical parameters (exposure, resolution), smartphones still have limited capabilities in terms of zoom, field of view or even night photography. This is partly due to the size of their sensors and their ability to accommodate interchangeable lenses.

The answer to all these limitations is the Pro-2 Pack.

The versatility of the Pro-2 Pack

The focal field of the Pro-2 Pack is very wide, from 8mm to 60mm, enough to compete with a classic 50mm camera. If the comparison is to be made between a DSLR and the Pro-2 Pack, Pixter lenses offer more options with the Macro Pro-2 and Telephoto Pro-2. It is also composed of an 18mm Wide Angle which allows you to capture 2.65 times more images thanks to its lens and an 8mm Super Fisheye which is not found on any DSLR due to its complex geometry. Where the Pack Pro-2 comes close to DSLR performance is with the Telephoto Pro-2, which is a 60mm telephoto lens. The main feature is that it fits in your pocket, you can take it anywhere with you, to the beach, while hiking or even at sea.

Pro-2 PackPro-2 Pack
Sale price$245.00

When you compare a telephoto lens and the Telephoto Pro-2, there is no photo... the Telephoto Pro-2 only measures 3cm long and 5cm in diameter unlike a telephoto lens which can reach 100cm long... and in the Telephoto Pro-2 you will find all the performance of a DSLR, depth of field, bokeh effect, focal length…

In addition, the Macro Pro-2 allows you to have x10 magnification and to photograph the infinitely small. Coupled with a tripod, the captured images are more stable and offer a fascinating spectacle. Compared to macro bodies on DSLRs, our lenses weigh only a few grams.

Macro Pack Pro-2Macro Pack Pro-2
Sale price$100.00

You will have understood, the main advantage of smartphone lenses is that they fit in your pocket. You don't need to take your big camera everywhere with you, take your camera bag and battery chargers. The Pro-2 Pack fits in a carrying case.

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