Difference between Wide Angle Pro and Wide Angle Pro-2

Différence entre Grand Angle Pro et Grand Angle Pro-2

A new range of redesigned lenses

That's it, the news is finally out! Pixter is releasing its new range of PRO lenses for smartphones and a brand new designer wooden case: big news for photography enthusiasts. Always following the same line of “ Shape the future of mobile photography ”, these lenses are the most advanced on the market for capturing magnificent images, sharp and without distortion. Adaptable to all existing smartphones, these lenses allow you to enhance all your photos (city, landscape, portrait, macro, etc.) very easily.

So what are the notable improvements in the new range? Is it worth investing in or renewing your goal? As a photographer I had the opportunity to test the entire new range of lenses and I'm telling you all about the new Pro-2 18mm Wide Angle lens .

The latest generation Pro-2 Wide Angle lens: an undeniable gain

The specs and results are unanimous! The most obvious thing when getting started is the image gain . This wide angle has twice the field width of a normal lens and allows you to capture entire subjects without problem.

The image quality is significantly improved compared to its previous version: less distortion, better color transmission, sharpness is improved. It is the best lens to exploit the full potential of the latest generation smartphones such as the Iphone XS, Iphone XS or XR max, or even the Huawei P20 Pro.

Wide Angle Pro
Wide Angle Pro-2
Dimensions of
optical glass

In the field, the new generation Pro-2 Wide Angle lens is one of our favorites since it is one of the most versatile lenses on the market. It is ideal for photographing landscapes, groups (especially selfies), but also cities and monuments, or even food flatlays. It's also an ideal lens for vlogging using it with the clip on the front camera.

The plus of the new range: the New PIXTER shell

The big plus of this new range is undoubtedly the new PIXTER wooden shell . First of all, the product design is super qualitative: walnut wood, interior honeycomb structure to disperse the heat of the phone, no aluminum screws. Then, beyond the aesthetic and technical aspect, the use of the shell with the lenses is ideal: you only need a few seconds to screw and unscrew the desired lenses. Each case has been custom-made to the nearest millimeter to ensure impeccable image quality.

From an aesthetic point of view , the new shell is thinner, of higher quality with beautiful finishes. It's an ideal lifestyle case for your phone, which you would use daily in everyday life and not just for shooting.

From a technical point of view, it seems more resistant with a little technological innovation so that your phone does not heat up. There is also an improvement in lens fixation.

My photographer's opinion

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this new lens which is one of those I use the most. In my opinion, the body and the lens represent the perfect combo for shooting in all conditions because they allow me to have impeccable precision and not have too much deformation on the edges. After trying them together I have a hard time going back to the clip. I tested this combo at the beach, in the mountains, in the city and each time I was very surprised by the effectiveness of the lens.

Note that even if the latest iPhones (XS for example) basically have a wider lens than the previous ones, the gain is considerable as in these two “unretouched” raw photos below.

In conclusion, this lens is even better than that of your phone and you will take magnificent photos of your travels.

Come on, go outside with your smartphone in hand and above all share your most beautiful wide shots with our new hashtag #PixterWidePro2

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