How is the Second Generation of Pixter Pro Lenses Different?

En Quoi la Seconde Génération d’Objectifs Pixter Pro est-elle Différente ?

A new era for smartphone photography

It's no secret that smartphone sensors and optics are evolving at breakneck speed. And as since day one, at Pixter we have been developing products that meet the needs of everyone, whatever their level and their smartphone, we too must evolve at high speed. This is why our team has worked hard to respond to your expectations creating a new generation of Pro lenses .
Manufacturing quality, compatibility and comfort of use are obviously still there. But then, what has really changed in our products? How is this second generation different?

Why a second generation of Pro lenses?

Due to different technological developments, smartphone sensors change. For example, if you compare a Samsung S6 sensor and a Samsung S10 sensor; the difference is huge! The general trend being towards larger sensors, this explains the black borders sometimes appearing on photos taken with some of our pro lenses (1st generation). By optimizing the optical construction of our lenses, we are able to eliminate this vignetting present on the edges while improving the quality of the image.
We also have redesigned the design of our lenses so that they are more refined, more ergonomic, and more easily identifiable when slipped into a pocket or briefcase.

Boost the Pixter experience with our New Shell

The combo has never been so effective! We also worked on our New Pixter shell ! Treat yourself to a unique photo experience with your Smartphone. Best of all, this one is made of wood (American walnut to be exact).
We thought about a case that could be used in everyday life. The goal setting system remains the same, guaranteeing compatibility with the entire range of Pixter lenses , without exception.
THE rubber bumper ensures a total protection of the phone, against shocks or falls.
At the request of many users, we have also designed a notch to attach a wrist strap.
Light and thin, with a pleasant grip and optimal support, we are proud to present our New Pixter shell .

Wide Angle Pro-2: The best wide angle lens (18mm) for smartphones

A design that meets your expectations

After months of diligent production to perfect every aspect of this Wide Angle Pro-2 (18mm), we are (very) proud of the quality of this new lens.
We completely redesigned the old Wide Angle Pro, starting from scratch, and we created an extraordinary product! There are literally hundreds of you who have asked us the release date of a new Wide Angle. We are now able to tell you: it’s today!

THE Wide Angle Pro-2 is wider than the previous Wide Angle Pro, and it offers better image quality as well as a improved color reproduction . The entire optical construction has been redesigned for the latest generation smartphones . Once this Wide Angle Pro-2 positioned, you will immediately notice the difference.
THE Wide Angle Pro-2 still has a focal length of 18mm. It therefore allows you to capture 2 times more images without any distortion , whether in photos or videos.



Versatility above all

This lens remains the best choice for new Pixter users! Since the wide angle offers twice the distortion-free images, you'll be able to capture your subjects entirely in the frame. Photograph landscapes, interiors and people without cutting out important details. Its optical construction is on par with an 18mm camera lens, making it a very serious competitor to the SLR.
As switching from photo mode to video mode tends to crop the image, the Wide Angle Pro-2 is essential for all videographers who want to leave nothing out of frame.
Overall, this is the most versatile option, especially if this is your first Pixter lens purchase.

Discover the comparison between our Wide Angle Pro and our Wide Angle Pro-2 thanks to Julia from Studio DSTN.

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