Macro Pro-2 Lens Review

Test de l'objectif Macro Pro-2

Let me introduce myself, my name is Samuel Guermonprez alias “Les invisibles-Macrophotographie” on Facebook , and @les_invisibles_macrophoto on Instagram. I have been practicing photography since 2008 and have specialized in macro photography for 5 years.


The Pixter Macro-pro 2 lens comes with two protective caps for the front and rear lenses, a clip to attach it to the camera of a smartphone, for my part the Huawei P30 Leica, and a microfiber to clean the objective lenses, everything is stored in a fabric pouch. There is also an optional case, compatible depending on the model of your smartphone.


It is a very well made metal lens, it has a x10 magnification and a focal length of 25 mm, a screw thread at the rear lens allows it to be screwed onto the clip mentioned above. In terms of weight, the lens alone without caps weighs 35 g and with the clip 48 g, this low weight is negligible for handling the lens/smartphone assembly. Now regarding its size, the lens has a diameter of 4 cm in width and once screwed onto the clip, it reaches 8 cm in length, which gives the whole thing a small footprint.


Now let's talk about its use: it's really very simple and accessible to anyone with a smartphone and wanting to discover the world of macro photography without breaking the bank. Simply screw the lens onto the clip and position everything in alignment with the smartphone camera lens.

It can be used very well on living things such as insects, plants, flowers... Or on objects. There are multiple fields of application depending on the photographer's tastes.

To take a photo, simply bring the lens closer than 5cm from its subject, move forward and back slightly in order to obtain the desired area of ​​sharpness on it and trigger the shot, however the depth of field cannot be chosen, the lens does not have a diaphragm. But this in no way hinders its use.

For a better result, I recommend holding the smartphone with both hands to take a photo, this will increase stability and sharpness when taking a photo. It is also possible to use the camera's internal zoom for greater magnification. The video function is compatible with the lens to film the world of tiny people.


To summarize, the Pixter Macro pro-2 lens is macro photography anywhere and anytime, the kit fits in a pocket and can therefore be taken with you no matter where you go.


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