What plans should I make when I go on vacation?

Quels plans dois-je faire quand je pars en vacances ?

Vacation videos are a great way to capture the most memorable moments of your travels and share them with friends and family. Video shots capture landscapes, activities and encounters in motion, providing a more immersive experience than photos.

To make successful vacation videos, it's important to plan in advance the different shots you want to capture. And if you don't know how to edit your videos, don't worry, Pixter® Production takes care of it for free.

All you have to do is send your rush to and you will receive your edited video a few days later.

What video plans for your vacation?

Here are some ideas for plans to make with your friends/families during your next vacation.

- Natural landscapes: Take videos of the mountains, rivers, beaches or any other natural landscapes you encounter during your vacation.

- Local activities: Film local cultural activities, such as traditional dances, festivals or local markets.

- Historical monuments: Take videos of historical monuments and important buildings in the area you are visiting.

- Sports and adventures: Film yourself cycling, hiking, skiing or any other sports or adventure activity.

- Wild animals: Take videos of the wild animals you encounter on your vacation, such as elephants, lions, monkeys, etc.

- Meetings with locals: Film meetings with locals and their daily lives to have an authentic memory of your trip.

- Relaxing moments: Film yourself relaxing on the beach, at the swimming pool or in a botanical garden.

- Gastronomic moments: Film yourself tasting local dishes or participating in cooking workshops.

- Moments of discovery: Film yourself discovering new places, new cultures or new experiences.

- Moments of happiness: Film yourself having a good time with your family and friends, to keep moving memories of your vacation.

The goal is to show as many different things and plans as possible to get a good overview of what you experienced.

The different types of video shots

If you want to know more about the style of shots to be made, here are the different types of shots used by directors.

- The general shot: This shooting angle is used to capture the entire scene or location where you are. It provides an overview of the environment.

- The American shot: This camera angle is used to show a scene as a whole and to show the spatial relationships between the different elements of the scene.

- The medium shot: This camera angle is used to show the details of characters or objects. It allows you to highlight the expressions of characters or the details of objects.

- Close-up: This camera angle is used to show a particular detail of an object or character. It allows you to highlight the finest details of an image.

- Low angle: This camera angle is used to show a character or an object seen from below. It allows you to give an effect of power or superiority to the scene.

- High angle view: This camera angle is used to show a character or an object seen from above. It gives an effect of fragility or vulnerability to the scene.

It is also important to consider technical aspects such as lighting, viewing angles, camera movements and transitions. By using these planning techniques, you will be able to create vacation videos that will be a pleasure for you and others to watch

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