Everything you need to know about our new vegan leather case!

Tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur les coques Pixter en cuir vegan

If you have acquired an iPhone in recent days, you would surely like to protect it.

The new Pixter vegan leather case

Our teams have therefore designed a top quality vegan leather shell.

We wanted not only an elegant and aesthetic product but also a resistant product that could withstand impacts and shocks.

A vegan material was chosen to reduce our ecological impact and also demonstrate our commitment to the animal cause. Vegan leather is also practical because it is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional leather, it does not require special treatment to protect it against water or stains. Over time, vegan leather becomes softer and softer, making our case durable over time.

The case is also MagSafe compatible, an essential feature so that it can work with the latest generations of iPhone.

A 2 in 1 case: achieve your goals while protecting!

This new range of vegan leather cases has an aluminum plate to guarantee long-term strength. A brass screw thread is integrated into this aluminum plate, allowing you to screw in your smartphone lenses.

This 2 in 1 iPhone case provides comfort and speed for positioning your lenses. Thus, we guarantee 100% alignment with your camera for greater precision. In this article , we explain the guide to follow to optimize your travel photos.

5 things you probably didn't know about vegan leather!

- It is not necessarily made from plant materials. Many people believe that vegan leather is made from plant materials, such as cork or cactus. However, there are many types of vegan leather made from synthetic materials such as polyurethane and polyester.

- It is more durable than traditional leather. Vegan leather is often made from synthetic materials that are more resistant to wear and fading than traditional leather. This means that vegan leather items can last longer and maintain their appearance longer.

- It is more environmentally friendly. Traditional leather production is one of the most polluting industries in the world, requiring large amounts of water and energy, and producing environmentally hazardous waste. Vegan leather, on the other hand, is made from synthetic materials that don't require as many resources and don't produce as much harmful waste.

- It is cheaper than traditional leather. It is generally cheaper to produce because it does not require as many resources and labor. This means that vegan leather items are generally less expensive than traditional leather items.

- It is lighter than traditional leather. Vegan leather is lighter than traditional leather.

and if you don't like leather...

iPhone cases are also available in walnut wood from the United States.

This wood shade provides a smooth and soft touch. Perfect for nature lovers. Also compatible with MagSafe, this wooden and aluminum shell will allow you, like the vegan leather one, to gain in precision and comfort.

Pixter® Case WoodPixter® Case Wood
Sale price$34.00

Add style to your case!

Our teams have also developed a range of cords for smartphones. Compatible with all cases thanks to their universal patch, Pixter cords bring elegance and comfort to your daily life.

Two styles of cords are offered:

- A double hook cord with a diameter of 10mm to give a new style to your smartphone. This type of cord also has a patch, if you do not have a double hook cover.

Several colors are available on the site.

- An adjustable cord, 160cm with a diameter of 6.5mm. This type of very trendy cord will allow you to wear it over the shoulder or around your neck.

Several colors are available on the site.

Cordon de téléphone portable multicolor 6,5mmCordon de téléphone portable multicolor 6,5mm

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