Give unforgettable memories for Mother’s Day with Pixter!

idée de cadeau pour la fête des mères

Mother's Day is fast approaching and are you looking for an original gift that will touch your mother's heart? Why not offer them the opportunity to capture unforgettable memories with their smartphone using Pixter brand lenses?

Here is a selection of products that will allow her to take photos like a pro!

Pro-2 Pack: For experienced photographers

If your mom is passionate about photography and wants to achieve professional results with her smartphone, the Pixter Pro-2 Pack is for her. It contains a Wide Angle Pro-2 lens, a Telephoto Pro-2 lens, a Macro Pro-2 lens, a Super Fisheye Pro-2 lens and a carrying case, all compatible with smartphones on the market.

Pro-2 PackPro-2 Pack
Sale price$245.00

With these lenses, your mother will be able to explore new shooting angles, zoom in on the most distant subjects, take her most beautiful portraits and capture the tiniest details. She will be amazed by the results obtained!

Starter Pack: For beginners in photography

On the other hand, if she is new to photography and wants to start exploring the possibilities of her smartphone, the Starter Pack is the ideal option. It contains a Wide Angle lens and a Macro lens and a Fisheye lens, for more creative photos and successful group selfies. The lenses are compatible with most smartphones and easy to use, even for beginners. This pack is a great way to introduce your mom to the world of mobile photography. In this pack, she will find an objective for each environment!

Starter PackStarter Pack
Sale price$56.00

Macro Pack: For macro photography lovers

If your mom likes to take close-up photos but doesn't need all the lenses in the Pro-2 Pack, the Macro Pack is a nice option. It contains a Macro Pro-2 lens and a flexible tripod that allows you to capture the finest details at a close distance. Your mother will be able to photograph the tiniest insects, the most delicate flowers or the most sophisticated jewelry, with remarkable image quality. The Tripod allows you to stabilize all your photos and thus provide more precision!

Macro Pack Pro-2Macro Pack Pro-2
Sale price$100.00

Smartphone cords: To never lose your phone again

If your mom is the type to easily misplace her smartphone, the smartphone cord offered by Pixter is the accessory she needs. This cord allows you to attach your smartphone around your neck, so you always have it within reach and never lose it again. The lanyard is available in six different colors and sizes to suit everyone's tastes, and it also features a dual hook system that is compatible with all cases.

Cordon de téléphone portable multicolor 6,5mmCordon de téléphone portable multicolor 6,5mm

This cord is also a practical accessory for sporting activities, traveling or simply for people who need to have their phone close at hand at all times. Giving your mother a smartphone cord is giving her a practical and trendy accessory that will make her daily life easier.

Traveler Pack: For adventurers

Is she a globetrotter at heart? And she likes to capture the most grandiose landscapes? The Traveler Pack is made for her. It contains a Pro-2 Wide Angle Lens and a Flexible Tripod for panoramic photos. Your mother will be able to immortalize her family trips. If she has the soul of a blogger, this Pack is an excellent way to film her adventures thanks to the 110° aperture offered by the Wide Angle Pro-2.

Travel Pack Pro-2Travel Pack Pro-2
Sale price$111.00

Smartphone photo training: To learn the basics of mobile photography

If your mom is new to photography and wants to learn the basics of getting professional-quality photos with her smartphone, smartphone photo training from Pixter is a great option. She will thus be able to discover the basic techniques of composition, lighting and focusing, as well as tips for obtaining creative and original photos.

Smartphone Photo Training

This training is taught by a mobile photography expert and includes practical exercises to put the acquired concepts into practice. Divided into 3 parts (theoretical, practical and post-production), this 2-hour online training will teach you everything you need to know about smartphone photography!

Preset Pack: To give a professional look to your photos

Plus, if she wants to give a professional look to her photos without spending hours retouching them, the Pixter Preset Pack is for her. It contains a selection of presets for Lightroom Mobile (free app), one of the most popular photo editing software. The presets allow you to apply color, contrast and brightness effects to your photos in one click, for breathtaking results. Your mother will be able to give an artistic touch to her photos in no time, for a professional and aesthetic result.

Pixter® Pack of 10 presets

Filmmaker Pack: To make professional videos with your smartphone

If your mom is a video enthusiast and wants to make films with her smartphone, the Pixter Filmmaker Pack is the ideal gift for Mother's Day. It contains an anamorphic lens and a flexible tripod specially designed for video. It produces professional-quality videos thanks to the 2.4:1 ultra-wide format, adding the characteristic horizontal black bands to recreate the cinematic effect. This feature not only captures a greater amount of elements in the frame, but also gives depth to the image to create an immersive effect when viewing. Your mom will be able to film unforgettable memories in high resolution and with optimal sound quality. With the Pixter Filmmaker Pack, she will have all the tools necessary to turn her passion into a profession or a creative and fun hobby.

Filmmaker PackFilmmaker Pack
Sale price$167.00

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