Tips for photographing with a smartphone macro lens


Macro photography is the art of capturing incredible details up close. Macro lenses for smartphones have grown in popularity in recent years, and Pixter is one of the most recognized manufacturers for quality macro lenses.

Thanks to their teams, their advances in research and development have made it possible to develop very high quality optics. Composed of multiple layers of lenses, the Macro Pro-2 offers optical zoom and not digital zoom unlike those of smartphones.

As you will have understood, the Macro Pro-2 lens is placed on the main camera of your smartphone, the one of better quality, while the macro lens of your smartphone uses a secondary camera of lower quality. This is why macro photographs taken with Pixter lenses look exceptional! The Macro Pro-2 lens offers 10x magnification, which means you can capture incredible details that the human eye cannot see.

How to photograph details with the Macro Pro-2?

To get the most out of your Pixter macro lens, here are some tips to follow:

- Find an interesting topic! Subjects that work well for macro photography include flowers, insects, eyes, jewelry, textures and patterns. Be creative and try to capture something unique.

- Screw or clip your Macro Pro-2 lens onto your smartphone. The Pixter shell offers greater precision and comfort.

- To avoid camera shake and motion blur, use a tripod or stable surface to stabilize your phone.

- With the Macro Pro-2 lens, you have to get closer to the subject to get the correct focus most often you have to get within 1 or 2 cm of your subject. Get closer until the focus is achieved. Be sure to adjust the focus manually or touch the screen to select the focus point.

- To achieve vibrant colors and sharp details, it is important to have a good light source. Use natural light whenever possible, or add an artificial light source to illuminate your subject.

Pixter lenses are compatible with all smartphone models! If you own a Macro Pro or Macro lens and are wondering about the benefits of the Macro Pro-2, head over to Pixter's comparison page .

Macro Pack Pro-2Macro Pack Pro-2
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One last little tip…

On Pro versions of iPhones, you must first activate the “macro command” in your settings. Then deactivate the small icon with the flower on your screen in the “camera” application. Thus, the camera used will be the main camera. Place your lens on the bottom camera and stay at x1 if possible. For more intense zooms you can zoom with your finger on the screen.

In conclusion, the Pixter Macro Pro-2 Lens is a great choice for those who want to explore macro photography with their smartphone. By following these tips, you can capture incredible details and unique textures that you can't see with the naked eye. If you would like to be featured on the Pixter Instagram page, do not hesitate to tag your posts with #pixter and #pixtermacropro2

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