The Pixter flexible tripod, the practical and creative gift for Father's Day!

idée de cadeaux pour la fête des pères

Father's Day is coming soon and are you looking for an original and practical gift idea for your dad? The Pixter Flexible Tripod is the perfect choice for dads who are passionate about photography and travel. Discover the benefits of this Pixter product.

A flexible smartphone tripod compatible with all smartphones but also cameras.

The Pixter Flexible Tripod is a photography accessory that holds your smartphone or camera in place to take photos and videos without shaking or blurring.

A flexible tripod for creative photos and videos

The Pixter Flexible Tripod features flexible legs that allow it to adapt to any surface and take unique and creative viewing angles. Your dad will be able to capture creative photos and videos, using unusual perspectives and exploring new horizons. Whether for landscape, portrait or action photos, the Pixter flexible tripod will allow your father to give free rein to his creativity and express his talent as a photographer. Additionally, a Bluetooth remote control comes with each tripod, making remote triggering easy.

A flexible tripod for unforgettable trips

The Pixter Flexible Tripod is the essential travel accessory for dads who love photography. Lightweight and compact, it fits easily into a backpack or suitcase, and deploys quickly to take steady, sharp photos and videos. Offering a 3-axis rotating head, this tripod allows you to capture all the details over 360°. Whether for family vacations, romantic getaways or business trips, the Pixter Flexible Tripod will allow your father to capture unforgettable memories of his travels.

Flexible Tripod Pro-2
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A flexible tripod for successful selfies

The Pixter Flexible Tripod is also ideal for successful solo or group selfies. Thanks to its universal support, your father will be able to take selfies easily and safely, without the risk of falling or shaking.

For further…

Pixter offers 100% smartphone training for mobile photography enthusiasts who want to improve their skills and discover new techniques. This training is intended for all levels, from beginners to advanced users, and is carried out by an expert in smartphone photography. By following this training, your dad will be able to learn to master the basic functions of his smartphone, to compose professional quality photos and videos, and to retouch his images with specialized applications. This training is a valuable gift for mobile photography enthusiast dads who want to improve their skills and creativity, and for anyone looking to improve in this ever-changing field.

Smartphone Photo Training

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