How to take portraits with your smartphone?

Réaliser des photos portraits avec le Téléphoto Pro-2

Nowadays, smartphones have become our primary cameras. They are practical, light and always within reach. However, if you want to improve the quality of your portrait mode photos, you may need a suitable lens and some tips.

At Pixter, we offer lenses that are compatible with all smartphones, including the latest phones. One of our most popular lenses is the Telephoto Pro-2, with a focal length of 60mm.

The telephoto lens is the perfect lens for taking portrait mode photos because it allows you to zoom in on the subject while creating bokeh, an aesthetically pleasing background blur. With a smartphone lens like the Pixter 60mm Telephoto Lens, you can get professional portraits with your cell phone.

Why not just use “Portrait Mode”?

You are probably wondering why the smartphone's telephoto lens is not enough to take beautiful portraits?

You should know that on your smartphone, the main camera is the one that offers the best performance. But when you switch to "Portrait Mode", your phone automatically switches to a lower quality secondary sensor. In addition, image processing on smartphones is carried out digitally and those through algorithms. This is why the bokeh is not very precise, more particularly on fine details, such as hair, fur or plants. You've probably already taken a photo in "Portrait Mode" and had the impression that your subject was added to the photo because the bokeh was so pronounced.

This is where Pixter smartphone lenses bring all their technologies. Each Pixter lens is placed on the main camera of your smartphone. This means that you have access to a Telephoto function while keeping the advantages and quality of the main sensor.

In addition, unlike smartphones, the Telephoto Pro-2 allows you to have a high-quality optical zoom. In fact, the x2.5 zoom provides a more aesthetic and realistic bokeh.

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How to take portrait photos?

To take portrait mode photos with a smartphone telephoto lens, there are a few tips to follow.

First, make sure your phone is stable to avoid blurring. You can use a tripod or simply place your phone on a flat surface.

Clip your Telephoto Pro-2 onto the main lens of your smartphone.

Pixter also offers cases specially designed to screw the lens onto the smartphone. This provides comfort and reassurance that your lens is properly aligned with your sensor and will not cause vignetting.

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Next, place your subject in the center of the image and focus on their eyes. This is important to create a natural and aesthetic effect. You can also use the rule of thirds if you want a more original shot.

Finally, choose a simple, non-distracting background. The blur created by Telephoto will highlight your subject, but it's important to choose a background that won't steal the show.

I advise you to shoot! With your smartphone, you can capture thousands of moments, so shoot as much as possible to get THE right shot!

Another little tip, retouch your photos. Sometimes it is necessary to readjust the white balance to bring out the details you want, keep in mind that the editing should be fine and light. Pixter also offers in this case a pack of 10 presets to retouch your photos more easily and those for 10 different environments such as the "Summer" preset or the "Desert" preset!

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And if that's not enough for you, Pixter offers 100% smartphone training that includes all the basics of photography and editing! It is carried out by a professional photographer who takes the time in this training to use theory and practice in real situations.

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In summary, if you want to take professional quality portrait photos with your smartphone, using a suitable lens such as the Pixter 60mm telephoto lens is the ideal solution. Follow the tips mentioned above to get amazing portraits that will be the pride of your photo gallery.

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