Expert advice in Cardiff with Craig & Aimee

Insider Tips on Cardiff with Craig & Aimee

We had a spell of sunshine in Cardiff so decided to go out and venture into the city.

Roath Park is the place we always think of when the sun is shining.

This place has a huge lake with some sort of lighthouse or clock in the center, a bunch of swans and geese.

In autumn, the red colors are magnificent! When we started walking around, we remembered that it is possible to rent small pedal boats to take a tour of the lake. Once we figured out how these machines worked while trying not to fall in the water, there was no stopping us.

Aimee, dressed as a local Russian for the occasion, had some difficulties on board.

When we got out of the paddle boat, the weather suddenly changed to torrential rain.

The next day, the sun returned. Part 2 can begin! We headed to the center of Cardiff, which is one of the coolest cities in the UK: loads of cafes, little arcades with independent shops and endless trompe l'oeil.

The city's main attraction is Cardiff Castle. That’s right, a castle IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY. Who else can brag about it?!

We explored the castle grounds, the art galleries and rooms, each more original than the last, while Aimee prepared the plans for our future home. Then we went up to the top of the castle to get the best view of the entire city.

After this escapade, we went for a walk in the park right next to the castle. The autumn leaves, strewn across the grass, presented a superb picture.

Then, we headed towards the arcades, looking for a café which we finally found!

These arcades are built across the corridors of the city and there are 5 of them.

You can find everything there: tea shops, a luthier (very practical!), luxury dress shops, cheese shops and tailor-made costume makers.

After our coffee and a shopping session, we went for a walk on one of the main streets which is none other than St Mary's Street. With its Welsh flags, the people who approach you for cigarettes and the few buskers, this street has a lot of character.

If you go a little further, you will go to the Millennium Stadium. Another addition to this city where you can hear the national anthem expressed with all our heart during an international rugby match. This is something you absolutely must experience if you visit Cardiff!

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