Paris 10

Paris 10

It's always a good photographic exercise - in fact quite difficult - to capture the elements of our daily life.

We take the time to look at things, people... life in general!

We try to have the same eye that we have during our travels, giving ourselves the impression of discovering a place for the first time even though we pass by it every day.

And it is sometimes by doing this complex work that we realize how lucky we are to live in this environment!

We like the general atmosphere that emerges on the Jemmapes and Valmy quays.

What we prefer here are the reflections of the buildings at golden hour on the canal, the ephemeral street art, the colorful facades of the shops, the locks which manage the passage of boats, the steel bridges to pass from one bank to the other and the leaves of the trees which turn orange in the fall.

Next week, meet Marine & Thibault for the second part of their walk in the 10th arrondissement of Paris!

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